The sheer beauty of one-of-a-kind sculptures by award winning artists are now available for purchase or rent for your memorable wedding day. We can create for your celebration inspired centerpieces, cake toppers, table décor and jewelry as memorable gifts that will be fondly remembered by all in attendance. 


"Heels Over Head"

Inspired by the creations of award winning artists Doug Turner and Charles Sherman, these centerpieces, cake toppers, table décor and outdoor settings make for unique accoutrements to your wedding celebration. Doug Turner’s sculptures – western, contemporary, and erotic – reflect his dynamic sense of anatomy & rhythm, combining love and romance with just a hint of eroticism in his celebrated creations. Charles Sherman is known internationally for his Infinity Ring sculptures, enigmatic and mysterious, and as displayed here in various forms, creations of absolute beauty. Paralleling ancient Feng Shui principles, the never-ending circular nature of the Infinity Ring promotes infinite love, faith, abundance, harmony, and serenity, sentiments extolled at a wedding celebration.


"The Kabbalah Mandala Sterling Silver Earrings"

Designed by Charles Sherman, representing many interpretations of the Infinity Ring sculptural form, these symbolic silver and gold jewelry designs are sculptures to wear that evoke spiritual concepts, such as love, faith, abundance, harmony, and serenity, and make lovely gifts for your wedding guests.


For the very first time, Sculptured Wedding Décor is making available to the individual and wedding planner seeking out unique décor and jewelry the sculptures and miniature reproductions of award winning artists. We can create something just for you that make inspired centerpieces, outdoor settings, cake toppers, and gifts that your guests will talk about for years. We are constantly searching for new and creative ways to meet the challenges of our customers’ requirements for the nonpareil in bespoke wedding decor. Our group aspires to achieve the highest standards of quality, creativity and elegance in the design of our one of a kind artistic creations. We are passionate about building long-term relationships with our customers, with whom together we will create customized decor for those treasured wedding moments.




Charles Sherman is a Los Angeles-based sculptor and jewelry designer who has studied ancient civilizations, world cultures and religions, and sacred geometry. His philosophy of life and art are the same: to promote the positive. This is reflected in both his sculpture and symbolic jewelry. Since 2002, he has investigated sculptural forms that express infinity, especially the three-dimensional Mobius, or Infinity Ring. His award winning Infinity Ring sculptures have been exhibited widely in the United States and Asia, and are included in museum collections. In 2006 he was inspired to create sculptures in miniature, jewelry designs in silver and gold. Charles Sherman considers his infinity ring jewelry designs sculptures to wear. They are designed to evoke spiritual concepts, such as love, faith, abundance, harmony, and serenity. Among his many awards was in 2012 at the JCK Jeweler’s Award Show for First Place, Inspirational Design for his Trinity Cross pendant.



Douglas Turner is an artist & sculptor who’s beginning to get the recognition he deserves. While still in high school, Turner began selling his sculptures to local collectors. After studying Fine Art and Communication at the University of New Mexico and with private instructors, he moved to Hollywood, to work in motion pictures effects. Over thirty films feature his work – including “Beetlejuice,” “Ace Ventura,” “Star Trek VI” and “Judge Dredd” – plus TV shows, commercials, magazines, amusement parks, and Planet Hollywood Restaurants. His turn to fine art brought an abundance of ideas, technical expertise, and a strong sense of character and drama to his works. His sculptures reflect his dynamic sense of anatomy & rhythm with attention to detail. “I want my work to, if not tell a story, at least suggest one. The viewer should believe that something came before and something will follow after.” His sculptures – western, contemporary, and erotic – have appeared in juried shows and galleries around the Southwest. He was awarded second prize at the ’98 Golden State Sculptors Association exhibition. Private collections in more than twenty states and Canada proudly display his work.



Stephen Kern, Managing Director, has been an entrepreneur, executive and consultant for the past thirty years in the filmed entertainment, internet and online gaming industries for both public and private companies. His last executive position was as CEO of Global Gaming Network, Inc., a publicly traded company involved in the online gaming business. He believes this entity will fill a need in the marketplace for those individuals desiring only the very finest in customized wedding décor, and be both a creative and commercial success.


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